General Information

What are the different types of Movie Ratings?

These are the details for each rating, as stated by the Ministry of Information and Culture.

18TC Rated 18+ until confirmed by the National Media Council. Entry to the cinema must comply with the age restriction of final confirmed rating. Booking prior to confirmed rating, is at customers discretion.
18+ No persons under 18 years of age will be admitted. Babies not allowed.
15+ No persons under 15 years of age will be admitted. Babies not allowed.
PG 15 Customer may be aged 15 years and under, but must be accompanied by someone 15 years old or older. Please note content may not be appropriate for 15 years and below, booking to be at the discretion of guardians and parents.
PG 13 Customer may be aged 13 years and under, but must be accompanied by someone 13 years old or older. Please note content may not be appropriate for 13 years and below, booking to be at the discretion of guardians and parents.
G General Exhibition - open for all ages.

Please note that it is against the law for underage people to enter Restricted Movies, even with their parents. You may be asked for identification to prove your age.

What is the minimum age to pay for a ticket?

Children under 3 years old can enter the cinema for free. Please note: this does not entitle the child to a seat. 3D Glasses will need to be purchased as an extra.

Can I bring young children to the cinema?

Please do not bring young children to THEATRE by Rhodes, Gold and 4DX.

Do your cinemas provide spaces for wheelchairs?

Our cinemas have allocated wheel chair seats in the screens. Please purchase a ticket at the ticket counter.

Can I see what subtitles are displaying on a movie?

Yes, the subtitles are listed on the movie information pages.

Can I bring food from outside into the cinemas?

Food and beverages purchased outside the cinema are not permitted inside the cinema.

How much do 3D glasses cost?

3D glasses cost AED 3 each. Your 3D glasses can be re-used. Note: THEATRE by Rhodes and IMAX ticket price includes 3D Glasses.

Where do I collect my 3D glasses?

3D glasses can be collected from our staff at the ticket podiums or at the candy bar. THEATRE by Rhodes and IMAX Glasses will be provided at the cinema entry.

Stored Payment Options

Log in as a Iraqi member to store you credit or debit cards to your Iraqi member account.  

Ticket Offers

How do I redeem a bank offer or Du Tuesday two-for-one ticket offer?

Please log in as a Iraqi Member to redeem the available ticket offers. First select your session and then either login or sign up on the following login page. If you checkout as a guest, you will not be able to redeem the ticket offers.

Why do I need to login to access ticket offers?

We are making improvements to keep your bank card details secure.

Why can't I see my bank card in the available ticket offers drop down?

If your selected show time has an available ticket offer, it will display in the available ticket offers drop down on the ticket offers step of the booking flow. If your card is not displaying, please check that you card is valid on the ticket offer pages.

What if my card number does not verify?

Please check the guidelines of the ticket offer to confirm your card type is available under this offer. If your card type is listed, please send us an email through the contact us page and we will investigate.

How can I stop receiving the Du Tuesday weekly coupon codes which are sent automatically?

Send UNSUB MOVIE to 9979.

Your Account

What are the benefits of creating a Iraqi Member account:

How do I reset my password

Please reset your password by selecting the forgotten password link found on the login page.


What forms of payment do you accept for online bookings?

We accept VISA and MasterCard for online bookings.

Can I print out my online tickets at the cinema?

Print your tickets at one of our cinema kiosks by entering in your booking reference number.

How do I use my E-ticket?

Scan the code on your booking email at the ticket podiums before entering the cinema. Please note that your E-ticket contains all the tickets in the booking, and you should enter when all your guests have arrived.

How many tickets can I book online?

You may purchase a maximum of 10 tickets per booking. You may complete as many bookings as you would like.

What should I do if I don't receive my booking receipt email?

Please email us through the contact us form. Provide your name and the first 6 and last four digits of your bank card. If you wish to visit the cinema, please provide proof of the purchase at our ticket counter (eg a bank statement).

Can I exchange my ticket?

Booked a ticket and can't make the session? Don't worry about it, we can swap your booked session time for another movie and time in the same cinema and way to watch. Visit our ticket counter on the day or contact us at least 24 hours prior to the session on our contact us form. Subject to availability of the preferred session time and movie.

How do I make group or private bookings?

Please email us at events@iraqi.co.ae with details of the cinema, size of group and event that you would like to organize.